Kelly and Buck met at Salisbury University in Salisbury, MD in Painting I class in 2011. They became great friends--talked all the time in between classes, went out to parties on the weekends and finally started dating in 2012, once they got over being too shy to let one another know how they felt. It's pretty cute (like middle school cute) how they told one another. All of their friends already considered the two exclusive before they even did!

In 2014, Buck proposed in one of their favorite places--Charleston, SC. He had such romantic intentions on how he was going to propose, but one of their best friends (she was also a bridesmaid and the officiant!) accidentally spoiled the surprise by texting Kelly instead of Buck! The two got married in May 2016 and it was the best day ever!

Salinson Creative was born in 2014. SAL stands for Salisbury University, where the two met; IN stands for Insley; SON stands for Kelly's maiden name, Ferguson.

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